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CBS Morning News (HD) Overnight national news
10 This Morning @ 4:25AM (HD) Central Ohio's first look at what happened overnight...beginning at 4:25AM.
10 This Morning @ 5AM (HD) Overnight and early morning news events affecting the region and the nation, as well as weather and traffic conditions are presented by the 10TV News Team.
10 This Morning @ 6AM (HD) Overnight news events affecting the city, the state and the nation are reviewed by the 10TV News Team, along with the latest weather and traffic reports.

Barnaby Jones Final Burial (TV-PG) When a woman hires Barnaby to locate her missing husband, his investigation reveals shocking details about the man including bigamy, blackmail and murder.
Highway Patrol Hired Killer (TV-PG) A professional killer from Chicago comes into the jurisdiction of Dan Matthews for trying to murder the Santell brothers before they testify against racketeer.
The Facts of Life Cousin Geri Returns (TV-PG) Blair's cousin Geri, a comedian who has Cerebral Palsy, comes to visit just in tome for a special ball at Bates Academy where she hits it off with a teacher.
The Facts of Life Green-Eyed Monster (TV-PG) Natalie covets the lead role in a school production and she's not about to let anything or anyone stand in the way, including her best friend, Tootie.
Diff'rent Strokes Sam's Big Brother (TV-PG) Arnold's preoccupation with girls has Sam feeling left out until Willis becomes his new favorite older brother, but Arnold challenges Willis for the title.

Steve Canyon
The Millionaire The Frank Harrigan Story (TV-G) A cynical businessman is presented with a check for one million dollars, but believes it to be a hoax instead of a genuine check and he throws it in a drawer.
The Millionaire The Eric Lodek Story (TV-G) A humanitarian is presented with a check for one million dollars, but he suffers a fatal heart attack shortly after; an escaped convict takes his identity.
The Adventures of Robin Hood Errand of Mercy When the villagers are stricken with an epidemic St Anthony's Fire, Robin and Little John try to help out by delivering herbs to help deal with the disease.
The Best of Hollywood Best of 1963: Cleopatra, The Birds, Bye Bye Birdie, and More (Repeat, TV-PG) Reviews of films released in 1963, including "Cleopatra," "The Birds" and "Bye Bye Birdie," are conducted to demonstrate their impact on cinema.

Paid Program (TV-G) Sponsored television programming.
Paid Program (TV-G) Sponsored television programming.
Crime Town USA Shattered Innocence (Repeat, TV-14) After a teacher in Idaho is found stabbed to death on a remote roadway, law enforcement officers attempt to discover a motive behind the murder.
Crime Town USA Deadly Neighbor (Repeat, TV-14) Authorities search for a missing grandmother, and they transform the missing persons case into a murder investigation after receiving a pertinent tip.
City Confidential Aspen: Murder on the Slopes (TV-PG) An actress is charged with murder in the fatal shooting of her lover, a champion downhill skier, but she claims it was an accident.

IRT Deadliest Roads Landslide! (HD, TV-14) While hauling gas on roads with dynamite, rookies face detouring cops; Lisa and G.W. drive on withering bridges; Hugh takes a deadly shortcut for frozen fish.
Dual Survival Into the Frying Pan (HD, TV-14) The guys are stranded in the Chihuahuan Desert, where a mineshaft causes trouble, a rattlesnake may provide sustenance, and survival tactics are tested.
Most Daring Midnight Madness (TV-14) An employee working the graveyard shift decides to fight back when a thief attempts to rob the store; a bonfire gets out of control.
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