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« PGA Tour Golf The Genesis Invitational - Final Round from Riviera Country Club in Pacific Palisades, Calif. (HD, TV-G) J.B. Holmes finished at 14-under 270 for a one-stroke victory over Justin Thomas in last year's event and earned the fifth PGA Tour title of his career.
10TV News @ 6:30PM Sunday (HD) The news of the weekend, topics of special interest in the Columbus area, weather forecasts and sports scores are presented by the 10TV News Weekend Team.
60 Minutes A Continent on Fire; The Server; West Side Story (HD, New, TV-PG) Correspondent Holly Williams talks about the deadly Australian bushfires; Bill Whitaker meets the cast and directors of "West Side Story."
God Friended Me The Princess and the Hacker (HD, New, TV-PG) Rakesh is surprised when a princess of an African nation is named as his soulmate, who is also pointed to Miles by the God Account.

The Monkees Monkee Mother A new tenant moves into the beach house, and the four guys grow to prefer her over tenants in the past who have tried to get them evicted.
The Love Boat The Inspector; A Very Special Girl; Until the Last Goodbye (TV-G) The crew hears that an inspector will be on board during their voyage to write a report about them, but they don't know who it is; two women compete for men.
M*A*S*H Fade Out, Fade in, Part 1 (TV-PG) Frank's behavior while on R&R prompts Colonel Potter to request a replacement surgeon to help with the deluge of casualties.
M*A*S*H Fade Out, Fade in, Part 2 (TV-PG) Frank's behavior while on R&R prompts Colonel Potter to request a replacement surgeon to help with the deluge of casualties.
Columbo Blueprint for Murder (TV-PG) A wealthy Texan returns from abroad to find his wife's committed to fund a multi-million-dollar building project; he's suspicious of the investment.

Emeril's Table International Soups (TV-G) Host Emeril Lagasse prepares a Cuban black bean soup, a flavorful tortilla soup and a French onion soup topped with croutons and gruyere cheese.
You Gotta Eat Here! Kids - Scandilicious; Saturday Dinette; Louie's Pizza & Pasta (HD, TV-G) John and a group of kids eat waffles and meatballs at Scandilicious, a panzerotto at Louie's Pizza and Pasta, and ribs at Saturday Dinette in Toronto.
You Gotta Eat Here! Kids - Homestead Ice Cream; Meet on Main; Tich (HD, TV-G) John and a group of kids eat modern Indian food in Toronto, a meat-free meal in British Columbia, and homemade sweets at Homestead Ice Cream in Saskatchewan.
Everyday Food Cooking for One (HD, TV-G) The chefs prepare one-person meals as Sarah makes chicken and vegetable sauté with lemon parmesan rice, while John gives his recipe for a molten chocolate cake.
Everyday Food Grocery Bag (HD, TV-G) The hosts show how to make a delicious dinner, including roasted chicken thighs, linguini with garlic and breadcrumbs, pork chops and skirt steak.
Cesar 911 Tasi the Terrible (HD, TV-PG) Cesar is called into a neighborhood being terrorized by a German shepherd that has already bitten neighbors and is in danger of being taken away.

« Murder She Solved Not Forgotten (TV-14) Detectives try to solve a murder 15 years after a young surfer is killed, and the authorities rely on drops of blood to name a suspect in the case.
Murder She Solved When Death Knocks (TV-14) As a detective investigates a murder mystery, she begins to suspect that a real estate buyer played a key part in the criminal case.
Murder She Solved Murder at the Farmhouse (TV-14) A Canadian homicide detective recounts how an undercover mission helped her to solve the violent murder of a dairy farmer and his wife.
Murder She Solved Face of Justice (TV-14) After a group of children discover the remains of a body alongside a river, a detective relies on advanced scientific techniques to identify the victim.

« Boogeymen Beast of Buderim (TV-PG) The Beast of Buderim is a mysterious creature said to be hiding in the rainforests near Byron Bay, Australia, and thought to be a long extinct animal.
MysteryQuest Stonehenge (TV-PG) Despite numerous theories, the Stonehenge mystery persists, and the team speculates the ancient monument was used to reverberate sounds for bizarre rituals.
MysteryQuest Devils Island (TV-PG) The team tries to determine if the only three men to escape the federal prison on the bay area island could survive the icy waters awaiting them in 1962.
MysteryQuest Devil's Triangle (TV-PG) The team is joined by one of the few survivors of the Bermuda Triangle to conduct a daring experiment, and afterwards, they search for lost aircraft.
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