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The Talk (HD, New, TV-14) Actor Shemar Moore from the series "S.W.A.T."; television personality Carrie Ann Inaba and musician Paulina Rubio guest co-host.
The Dr. Oz Show Oz Investigates: Why Is There so Much Sugar in Yogurt? (HD, New, TV-PG) Dr. Oz discusses different kinds of yogurt; Jessie James Decker discusses southern food preparation.
Dr. Phil Evicted and Homeless; My Daughter Is Not Capable of Being a Mother (HD, New, TV-PG) A woman who says her mother went behind her back to gain custody of her own children seeks Dr. Phil's professional guidance and help.

JAG Friendly Fire (TV-14) Harm takes the bench during a friendly-fire incident, where an American pilot is accused of dropping his bomb ordinance and killing British troops.
JAG Heart and Soul (TV-14) Harm is forced to search through a snowstorm after Admiral Chegwidden accidentally ejected himself from a flight they were taking in an F-14 Tomcat.
JAG Empty Quiver (TV-14) Commander Turner is assigned to ride on a submarine headed to the middle-east after a 10-kiloton nuclear warhead was discovered missing.

The Mary Tyler Moore Show Neighbors (TV-G) Rhoda moves out of her current apartment and Lou takes the vacant spot, leading to personal complications between him and his employee Mary.
The Mary Tyler Moore Show A Girl Like Mary (TV-G) Lou decides that WJM-TV needs a female newscaster who shares qualities with Mary Richards, leading her to try out for the position.
The Bob Newhart Show Making Up Is the Thing to Do (TV-G) As Christmas comes near, Bob wants to act as peacemaker and attempts to convince his parents not to separate, despite his mothers plan after forty-seven years.
The Bob Newhart Show Love is the Blindest (TV-G) After realizing the new secretary fancies Mr. Carlin, Bob pushes him to ask her out on a romantic date, but his methods are unorthodox.
Newhart Good Lord Loudon (TV-PG) Dick befriends an aristocratic guest who reveals that he actually lives in genteel poverty and offers to give Dick a title in lieu of payment.
Newhart Cupcake in a Cage (TV-PG) Stephanie experiences a rush of pregnancy hormones and slaps a security guard in a fit of temper, but the police don't think much of her excuse.
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